Once upon a time, I was blamed for a roommate being almost sexually assaulted because I was too drunk and/or committed to sleep to care. (Truth be told, that was a sketchy night and there are two sides to literally every side and story…).

Once upon a time, I smoked weed in college. More than once.

Once upon a time, after being broken up with by the love of my life I went and kissed 8 different men to try and get over him. It didn’t work.

Many once upon a times, I have been worrisome about things I cannot change, and situations that had yet to occur.

Once upon a time, I installed Tinder to find said ex and make him fall back in love with me. (Love will cause you to do some crazy… shit.)

Once upon a time, I stole from a grocery store. (I drank a drink while shopping and didn’t want to pay for it, because I didn’t like it… I definitely didn’t follow my instinctual guilt, and there’s no justification. I am a thief.)

Once upon a time, I lied to my father about my whereabouts. I told him I was going out to see a friend, when I was actually visiting my ex boyfriend. I broke my own heart many times over the course of two years from my own wrongdoings. Trust the Lord and His will.

Many upon a times, I have counted and pointed out the flaws of my friends, coworkers and core members before pointing out and correcting the planks in my own eyes.

Many upon a times, I have sinned and sinned again. I continue to sin, just as we all do. It takes me multiple tries before I get it right (such as the pot incidents… I just couldn’t bring myself to stop at a one time occurrence.)

My sins have brought about years of pain and suffering. But my Lord has brought new bright, shining, and gracious gifts from my own darkness (such as my current boyfriend from my Tinder experience). He knows we live in a fallen world. He knows that we will sin again and again. Every leader that has gone before us has done so. Look at the book of Joshua. It took one sin of not trusting the Lord to lead to a 40 year march to get to the Promised Land. God serves justice, and He also keeps His promises. He will always provide. He will bring light to your darkness, and you will receive lessons and gifts from your suffering for your sins. Be patient and watch as the Lord’s greatness unfolds before you in your life’s journey.

All of my once or twice upon a time’s bring sadness to me because it means I have failed in many situations. But every single time I was forgiven by a God who loves me more than my flaws take hold of me.
If God can forgive me and my sins, He can and will forgive all of any sin. Every sin is the same in His eyes, so bring it all to Him.

Remember that He cares and loves for you. Every day. Come to Him and confess.

*Disclaimer: I am writing this out of some calling to post my past transgressions. I do not need any justification or new respect from anyone. I also want to be sure that everyone knows this is the smallest list I could come up with. I HAVE SO MANY OTHER SINS! The Lord has forgiven me of all of them. Especially the ones I have gone to Him and asked directly for the forgiveness of. Even the ones I have long forgotten of. My long list is in His hands, and He doesn’t care for them as much as I sinfully do.*

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