This morning I had scrolled to a post on Facebook from a friend I had known in high school. She had reached her goal of $100,000. She had saved this money for a future house. I’m 22 years old. She’s younger than I and holds the life of a skilled and wonderful photographer. I was in shock; I said some profanity out of disbelief. I kept scrolling to avoid any inevitable jealousy. I scrolled back up to make sure it was true.

I ended up going on a walk that day. As I was walking this gorgeous path at a favorite park of mine, I was struck by this familiar feeling. I felt as if I was walking down a similar walkway in Scotland, or Dublin. I was in love with this feeling. I always am when it occurs to me. I kept reading and a thought popped into my head, as it usually does when I get this feeling. I thought, “I must go back soon”. I kept walking and reading my book, but couldn’t help think back to the $100,000 goal reached by my relentlessly motivated friend.
All morning I was going through ways in which I could save to that amount and possibly more. My goal had always been to reach $50,000 in my savings account. I had always figured that in itself would take me until I was at least 40 to reach. That was until I had seen that post.
On this walk with my book and familiar sense of elsewhere, I began to realize that deep down I didn’t want to save until every goal was achieved. I want to save until I can escape reality again. Until I can explore and use all of that which was saved. I want to wander endless streets that were once unknown to me.

And so, I will save. I will save however much I can. I will not compare my savings to others who are saving more or less. I will save my own honest earnings, and give that which is called upon me to give. I will travel this world like I always promised myself I would.
I will go. I will lead. I will save. I will spend it in the greatest way possible.


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