I’ve been told I move too fast. I mean, how could I not be told such a line when I was engaged at 19, after only knowing the boy for 10 months.
I move too fast.
My friends do too.
My parents did also.
I’m sure most of your parents, together or not… Did too.
I may move too fast, but I praise God I don’t move slowly, with concentration, too much thought regarding love and emotion, or while being sensible.
I personally believe that emotions should not be dwelled upon.
They should be felt and then jumped on.
Love is not a verb, noun or adjective that should be well thought or felt out. It should be spontaneous, because it is.
Who do you know that fell in love and actually thought about it and told themselves they could?
I think they may have told you they did, and that their decision to love and be loved was a mature and precise decision made for their own benefit, as much as their partners, but I’ll be the first to call bullshit, because they are more than likely bluffing.
I don’t care if you’ve known your significant other for a matter of minutes and you know you want to pursue something long term with them; do it, and do it well. Don’t give up on something you feel so intensely, even if it may be fleeting in the long run. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my girlfriends or family members tell me I’m moving too fast, or that I should really think about it. Don’t you know I never stop thinking? So why can’t I be allowed the simple pleasure, yet also the biggest pleasure of our time here on earth, to be that I don’t have to think for love. Why can’t I be granted this emotion, the verb that makes the literal world go round (yes, I know it doesn’t actually make the literal world go round, but … No, it actually does if you believe in God) without a boundary as big as thinking. I don’t want to be sensible with love. I want to fall. I want to hurt. I want to be vulnerable and, not in the slightest, sensible. I’ve realized that when I’m not in love, I cry a lot less, I feel a lot less, and I can become pretty insensitive to others emotions (crying, for the most part, is healthy for me). I enjoy the role that I play when I’m apart of a romantic relationship.
Yes, it sucks to be broken up with.
Yes, it sucks to have to try and permanently erase a year and 4 months from one’s memory, but my dear, sweet, sometimes judgmental souls, (just like everyone in this world is at times) falling in love is beautiful, adventurous, and a vulnerable, soul/eye opening experience that has forever changed my life, and is something that I will always be proud of committing to doing.
I love love; I always have, and I always will.
Another point I would like to make is that of the honeymoon stage. Some have mentioned that friends of mine should not have made what they believe to be a rash decision about moving in together due to them still being in the so called “honeymoon stage”.
Here is what I think about that: the honeymoon phase does not last for a determined length of time for everyone. For my ex and I, it lasted for about 10 months. We fought, but it was not anything relatively serious, until after he popped the question and life started to get rough and serious for the both of us. With my current man, we have already laid out our expectations, goals, and plans for the future (with or without the other, because we like to dream of it together, but remain realistic in a sense), and so ours lasted about a week and a half. So, what I want anyone to take away from this whole spiel is that every couple’s honeymoon stage duration differs from the next. I do not think it fair to judge another for moving too fast, while using the excuse of a honeymoon stage still in the process, if we can never be sure of that couple’s journey through life together. We do not have a say in if they are ready or not, or if they have gone through enough life experience together to know if they are a good match or not. Who cares if someone gets engaged “too soon” for their own personal liking? It is not your life. That is not your decision to make. It shouldn’t be what you talk about, unless it’s your own daughter, son or absolute, die hard best friend and you know them well enough to have a say. It should not be your opinion that stirs up rumors or a conversation for many to talk to others about. It should not be anyone but the members of that relationship to bring up opinions and ideas about their personal life together.
So, in my own opinion, whether you agree with it or not, I do not appreciate when others speak and judge of another’s relationship and it’s growth or speed. And while some are off being sensible, or just talking about it like they assume they will be when it’s their turn, I’d rather have my heart broken, and then filled up again with immeasurable amounts of love.
(Here are all the quotes that I liked, but could not choose, because they are all too relevant for this blog post.)


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