A Letter for the Anxiously Depressed

This is wonderful. Thank you, Indra for sharing this. I teared up when I read, “It comforts me that someday God will tell me why I’ve had to battle with anxiety for so long and that He gives His strongest soldiers the hardest battles”. I teared up at first and thought “I still don’t know, after He had just talked to me, and gave me one of the biggest revelations ever”, but I then remembered that He also told me that He wants me to have a better understanding of people, and I think I do have a better understanding, and most of that is due to having anxiety. I personally believe that if used correctly, those with anxiety understand others more, and are compassionate towards those who go misread or misunderstood. I hate that my anxieties are due to not placing my trust in God, but in this world, but I love that God has given me so many gracious gifts through my mistrust in Him.
Keep on sharing Indra.

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As my friends and I are speeding through our Sophomore Year of college or their 2nd year out of high school I’ve noticed that more of my friends are being diagnosed with an array of anxiety disorders, depression and intrusive thoughts or that they’ve had it and are sharing their stories with me because I talk about my generalized anxiety so openly. If you’re reading this and have shared your story with me I would just like to say how proud of you I am. You’re one more person who wants to end the stigma of mental disorders. I know how tough it can be to talk it out to someone.

Since I’ve been out of high school, I’ve shared my story with numerous friends and some that I never would’ve thought had the same problems as me. I guess many people have also assumed that about me because I’m…

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