Some of my many passions are eating  disorders, fitness, and eating. These are separate passions for many, but for some, actually a lot, these passions share the same umbrella. And I don’t know if so many of my friends and family know about this issue that has consumed much of my thoughts since I was about 10.

I don’t think that many understand the impact of their words and actions towards others.

I’m not sure if enough individuals and groups understand or have knowledge on the fact that just because someone seems happy and content with their weight it could actually be a facade that has been mastered over years of being put into practice.

I’m not sure if they know that according to the statistics one, two, or even a handful of their friends/family could be battling with an eating disorder right now.

I don’t believe that we take into account and actually dissect our words enough to understand how it could hurt someone and their mental growth.

I also don’t think a lot of my acquaintances/friends realize that just because I am or many others may be thinner than others that we don’t feel that way all the time, or for some any of the time lived in their frail bodies.

It baffles me when some say that thinner women should not feel bad about themselves because they are lucky to be so thin.

That is harming someone’s mental health.

It hurts me to know that there are examples like this that I came across today:

And I know that most of those who said the comments do not remember ever having said them.

Parents have one of the strongest impacts on a child’s mental health;  their self-image, self-worth, & self-esteem. 

From my own experience, I have been blessed with those around me, with their filtered conversation and actions. I have been blessed with my body that is mobile and able to react to the workouts that I commit to for it. I am so blessed.

That doesn’t mean that I am mentally stable/ maintain a healthy body image.

You cannot take what you see on the outside and make assumptions of a person’s health.

Having a higher BMI does not indicate that the person is unhealthy, and that they need your words of advice to help them.

Having a lower or normal BMI does not indicate that they are aware of their actual body size or that their overall health is intact.

Please, realize that your words, quick assumptions, and actions towards other could be harmful. What you say now could be what stays by their side throughout their life and could be the cause of their mental illness.

I vow to remember this, work on it, and prepare myself for future encounters, and for the impact I will have on my own being and the babies I may someday have.
Thanks for listening.


One thought on “Action for E.D.s

  1. Very true! Like many young girls I battled with esting disorders at a young age before I learned confidence and self love. I remember even satcastic comments said in passing fueling my desire to stop eating altogether. I wish young people could realize that happiness is what is beautiful. There are soo many things I could tell my younger self but I know she had to learn things the hard way. Glad to have come out the other side loving everything about my body. I can breathe and dance and sing and travel and swim and do cartwheels (okay maybe not cartwheels) because of my body and that is something to cherish and be thankful for. Be good to your bodies people! You only get one 🙂

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