Things I’ve Learned From College

Financial “Aid” sucks balls. 

They assume that since your parents, sometimes even just one parent (in my case) makes a good sum of money that they will be willing to help pay for my semesters at college. WRONG. 

Professors are not always helpful, they run more than one class, and have typically more than 90 students to teach and hear from, so they won’t email back most of the time and won’t be there to help. 

You will end up paying 7,000 or more for crappy food that will give you the runs, bedrooms you have to share with someone who hates you or you despise, and loud nights when you wish it was quite enough to sleep in, showers that don’t have privacy, bathrooms that reek, and not enough parking spaces. 

They won’t have large enough loans for you to even want to step into a college ever again.

The only thing that will feel free is maybe breathing if you’re lucky.

You’ll end up paying for “the best years of your life” for 13 years or much more than that after your senior year.

You’ll end up changing majors, staying longer than you were supposed to, and end up hating the major you graduated with. 

You’ll soon grow old, with only 15,000 more to pay off and you’ll sit next to your teenagers and tell them to never get a degree. It’s pointless.