Of Fries and Is It Worth It?

This is something I had to go through to get my current man. I had to choose to turn from the “salapao” and give the chance to someone more deserving of it.

Of Fries And Men

A conversation with my sis (basically a much smarter & younger version of me – not to mention with better fashion sense and hair)

Warning: this conversation may be offensive for those who like salapao (Chinese hot buns)

Me: Do you believe that in life, there’s always going to be that one person we’ll never get over?

Sis: Of course, but it’s not a bad thing

Me: And what are we meant to do about it?

Sis: Well, different people react differently. Some find ways to be with that person. Others just leave it alone. Some things aren’t meant to happen, you know. It’s like a fantasy in your head, which can be good sometimes. It motivates you.

Me: But what if that fantasy can become a reality? Even for a short time. Would you not want to try? Would you not wonder what it would be like?

Sis: If…

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Words of Advice for Dating Men

1) If you’re planning on having the conversation about marrying her, beware that she will create a Pinterest account if she doesn’t already have one, and go a little overboard. She’ll probably start researching wedding ideas and looking up ring styles. Just be careful.

2) If she’s mad, don’t forget to text her to remind her that you love her. Call her, text her, do whatever it is to let her know that you are still there and that you love her. She’ll become even more mad if you push away the thought that she is mad or upset.

3) Don’t tell her it’s just PMS. Sometimes we have reasons for why we act so “crazy”. We feel things a little deeper.

4) If she flicks your hand away or cringes, it might be because she’s self conscious of that part of her body. Tell her you love her anyway.

5) Remember to point out the things you love about her. She likes hearing them.

6) Don’t forget your anniversary day. Put it in your phone calendar, set a reminder. It’ll surprise her.

7) Tell her you want to meet her family. Then make plans for it.

8) Take pictures with her and keep them all.

9) If you feel you miss her, always let her know.

10) Text her when you’re thinking about her. (Unless you think about her 24/7)

11) Be spontaneous with dates.

12) You don’t always have to pay

13) Trust that she’s not the same as the others